Just for fun, we have a list of Latin words that could be useful to speak to any members of this wiki. Eventually, we'll pick up on a few and you can try it out on your friends at home! If it catches on, we might say 'hello' in Latin to each other instead of English! 

English Latin Translation
  1. Hello 
  2. Goodbye 
  3. Morning
  4. Night
  5. Roman
  6. Greek
  7. Eat
  8. Be right back
  9. Here
  10. Sleep
  11. Act
  12. Drink
  13. Die
  14. Pain
  15. Love
  16. This is awesome
  17. I
  18. What
  19. Thanks
  20. Post
  21. Half Blood
  1. Salve
  2. Vale
  3. Mane
  4. Nocte
  5. Romanus
  6. Graeca
  7. Comede    
  8. Esse ius retro                       
  9. Hie
  10. Somnus
  11. Agere
  12. Biberet
  13. In
  14. Dolor
  15. Diliges/Amor
  16. Hoc est tremendum
  17. Ego
  18. Quid
  19. Gratias
  20. Stipes
  21. Dimidium Sangui
Translate to Latin ---> You might start to notice that Latin looks a bit like English and Spanish even though Latin is currently a dead language

More Latin words will be added in the future. Follow this page for updates! If you have a wiki account, feel free to create another chart (copy and paste the chart above in Source Mode and replace the numbers) and add as many Latin terms as you know! 


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