Arielle Heros
Vital statistics
Title Daughter of Apollo
Current Age 14
Gender Girl
Family Dad: Apollo

Half Brother: Zach

Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Status Alive
Weapons Bow and arrow
Home Sunnyvillie


Arielle is almost always by herself writing Songs or peoms. She has no friends at all but in class she doodles and hums and all teachers get really mad at her. She is really good with Bow n arrow.


When she was 3 she was already singing beautifully and could play her toy piano. In year one she was in the choir and the orchestra. All her teacher got mad a her for doodling though all books or humming though a tests When she was 13 her mom gives her a bow and she was so confused. A year later she was the head of achery at her school. At a tournament in San Fransico, her team won and after all her team has left and every one else except the owner and one of the jugdes. The owner left the room and she turns to target and heared A wierd sound and pulls her bow back and turns slowly and the Jugde has changed in to a monster. She let her arrow go and one of the fins cut Arielle's check and shots him striaght into his heart. Her mom walks in to Arielle holding up her Bow, and a cut on her face. Her mom knew what happened and said to go in that direction for 10 or so Miles and i will reach camp.


Name Relation Feelings
Zach Walter Half Brother lovingly

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