Andrew Chua
Vital statistics
Title Son of Mars
Current Age 18
Gender Male
Family Mars - Father

Ms. Chua - Mother

Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red
Affiliation Camp Jupiter (Later betrayed)
Status Deceased
Weapons Celestial Bronze sword
Home Camp Jupiter

Andrew Chua was a Roman demigod that appeared in The Battle of Camp Half-Blood.

Early LifeEdit

Andrew Chua, like many other Roman demigods,was brought to the Wolf House to be trained by Lupa. Andrew thought he got into a TV show,only to be shown a hellhound that jumped at him be slained at the hands of another demigod,David.He later took it seriously and traveled to Camp Jupiter with David.He was later taken into the Fifth Cohort and was made a Probatio.

Battle of Camp Half-BloodEdit

Andrew stood along with the other Romans,discussing battle plans for the battle against the Greeks.Andrew had his doubts,knowing that the Greeks were good and that Octavian only conviced them to wage a war because of Leo Valdez's attack on the Roman camp.A son of Mercury got a message from the Greeks:The war has started.Andrew stood up for the Greeks,explaining that the Greeks aren't that bad.Some of the Romans sided with Andrew,But the rest with went with Octavian.


Octavian declared them all traitors,and some of the Romans who sided with the stuffed toy murderer surronded Andrew and his group of rebels,with David joining the rebels.Andrew and the others fought couragosly,but Andrew met his demise when he took Octavian's knife for one of the 12 year olds who sided with him and commiting suicide by Greek Fire given to him by Leo.

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