1. An Intro ~ Andi ~Edit

Yep, I know what you're all thinking. You're thinking  ooooh, child of Chaos, a new villian! No, no, no! You don't understand! I'm a rift, a bridge between worlds. My mother is a god. My dad is... well, slightly less human than most, but no matter. And me? I'm a demigod. But not an ordinary one.

"Andi!" my dad, Jason, shouted up. "Get up!"

Honestly, you'd have thought that the morning of my sixteenth birthday would have occurred to him, but no. Magic practice first. Sighing, I screwed my dull red hair up into a bun and grabbed my white bow, leather quiver and staff. Time to start the day. 

It was chaotic. Fire raged through the kitchen. I silently dammed my dad to the Land of the Dead as I blasted water on the flames. Trust him to pick out the one thing I'm afraid of and turn it into a test. As soon as they were out, I slapped him and set off for school. Call me mad, but I swear I heard a voice then, saying, Hard times are ahead. Be brave. But maybe it was the oatmeal talking. 

When I arrived at school, my friends were waiting for me. Alex, Connor and Maya were perched on the graffitied up wall, munching on cookies. Alex probably brought them. Y'know, goths always have the sweetest moms. Its a scientific fact. Connor tossed me some bubblegum and Alex jumped down. So did Maya. I looked at the clock.

"Crap!" I exclaimed. " It's a minute to bell!" 

We took off running, talking and laughing as if the world wasn't about to fall down.

2. Graecius Scum! ~ Anubis ~ Edit

Being haunted is NOT on the agenda for the Egyptian god of the dead. Especially when you've been tasked by who knows what god to protect a demigod from harm. Especially when you're disguised as a gothish teenager named Alex so you can keep watch on said girl. ESPECIALLY when the spirit that haunts you is a certain Roman named Octavian who went out in the war and keeps screaming, " Kill the Graecius scum!" 

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