Fan song

'Rewritten demigod lyrics from: You are my All in All' (thx hunter for the idea) LISTEN TO U R MY ALL IN ALL WHILE LISTENING TO THIS

You are my shield when i am weak

You are the imperial gold that I seek

You are my all in all

Seeking them out as a precious jewel,

Hazel to give up, you'd be a fool

You are my all in all

Percy, Poseidons son The sea is your wayyyy Jason Gra-AH-ace Jupiters son forever....


Taking my burdens my emotions my shame

Carrying in alone ah-GAIN (again)

He was my all in all

When I fell down he'd pick me up

When I ran dry he filled me up

He was my all in all


She is my strength when I am weak

She is the treasure I alway seek

She is my all in all

(Leo) When I fell down shed pick me up 'Clean hands dirty equipment' was our stuff

(Jason) When I run dry she's here for me Jupiter to give up (on her) if be a fool She is my all in all

(Hazel) HE IS MY ALL IN ALL! Seeking him as a precious jewel, Pluto to give up if be a fool He is my all in all!

All the demigods: YOU ARE MY ALL IN ALL

(Nico) To give up id be a fool...

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