Forces DeployedEdit


Legio XII Fulminata

  • Four Cohorts (I, II, III, V)


Legio I Italica

  • One Cohort of veterani (Veteran legionaries)
  • One sagittarii (archer) cohort (20 men)


The warning bell upon the gate rings repetitively, Camp Jupiter is under attack. The banner of the enemy is purple, with a gold hand surrounded by a laurel present in the centre. One cohort of enemy legionaries advance slowly to the gate as they form Testudo, rendering most legionaries' missiles useless as they ricochet of the scuta or embed themselves in the shields. Their lorica segmentata gleam brightly in the afternoon sun and their red capes give them an aura of power. Behind them, sagittarri  (archers) fire flaming arrows into the wooden gate in an attempt to burn it down, as well as at the Romans on the wall. Most of the arrows merely ricochet off the gate but some embed themselves in it, if left unchecked, the archers will burn down the gate, albeit, slowly.

Enemy archers have managed to begin lighting the gate on fire, it is only a matter of minutes before the gates come crashing down and the Insurrectionists break through...


Calypso: If you need me, I'm at the Medicus Domus. Call for back up if you need it. 

Madison: *grits teeth and grabs gladius.* What are my orders?

Zach: Your orders are to defend the gates and the camp at all costs.

A moaning sound is heard from the gates as fire begins to engulf it. If the Romans do not get into formation now they will be caught off guard..

Zach: *Orders for the water cannons to put out the fire*

Daniela: *Runs towards Zach* How's everything? The Gates won't resist very much.

Zach: If the gates fall it is up to you to defend the camp now fall into formation and go.

Daniela: Okay. I'll just organize my troops. Cohort two, Wedge Formation! Attack and deffend at the same time! Protect Rome!

Battle Mechanics (OOC)Edit

Each cohort will fight as its own unit. There will be one on one fights. Should an entire cohort manage to win its fight, it can choose to assist another cohort upon which, the user's character can now join another one on one fight, now with the 2+ user characters vs one enemy.


Cohort I:

Cohort II:

Cohort III:

Cohort IV:

Cohort V:

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