As you approach the shrine to Minerva, you see that the crowd of Romans are congregating before an odd rectangular structure with three intricately decorated bronze doors with brass handles to knock. The symbol of an owl, the olive branch, and a depiction of Minerva herself dressed in the garb of a traditional Greek hoplite are displayed upon all three doors respectively. As you observe the first door, you note the Latin words which begin to rearrange to form the words "Dance". Deciding that this is the place you want to go to, you part the crowd and enter through the door. A bright white light envelops you and you shield your eyes with the back of your hand.

As your vision begins to re-adjust, you are in an unfamiliar place, with the door still behind you. You are standing in the middle of an open field with Greek-style Doric columns surrounding the stone tiles on the ground. The temperature is quite comfortable, just warm enough to make you feel good but with a slightly breeze to refresh and cool you. The sun is shining brightly in this place. Music plays in the background but there is no DJ or speakers. You conclude that you can request any song you wish and that only you are able to hear it, given that you are witnessing a teenage demigod dressed in dark clothes head banging as if he were the lead guitarist of a punk band. What song will you pick? Will you dance with someone? The possibilities are endless.

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